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The weighted blanket now comes in a chunky knit variety

Like a hug, only heavier

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Woven blanket on bed and chair Bearaby

No product is better suited for 2018 than the gravity blanket. The hefty throw, which piles somewhere around 20 pounds of extra weight on top of you while you sleep, became a symbol of excessive—if necessary—self-care in a time of deep anxiety and unrest.

Tapping into something called “deep pressure stimulation,” gravity blankets supposedly reduce stress and anxiety by swaddling you in a soft, weighted embrace. After the original Gravity blanket blew up on Kickstarter last year, there have been countless new designs popping up, many of which look like the kind of micro fleece throws you’d find at your aunt’s house.

Woven blanket on chair Bearaby

Not so with The Napper, a new weighted blanket from the weighted sleep goods company Bearaby. The chunky blanket is made from woven naturally weighted vegan yarn. Designed as a “daytime blanket” (aka for napping), the Napper has a wide-loop weave that makes the blanket breathable and slightly lighter than some of the other weighted blankets on the market.

Rolled blankets on bench Bearaby

It also comes in six colors—dark blue, light blue, pink, white, light gray, and dark gray— which means it might actually look like it belongs in your home and not a doctor’s office. At $259, the blanket is an investment, but what better to invest in than a solid Sunday afternoon nap?