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Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian can be yours for $1.6M

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Large windows look out onto vast stone terraces

Photos taken by Cory Finley, SEVEN IMAGES, courtesy of the LOCATE Team/Reece Nichols

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Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Price: $1,650,000

In 1939, Dr. & Mrs. Clarence Sondern commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to build a 900-square-foot home in the heart of Kansas City. Almost ten years later, the second owners asked the famous architect to expand the home to its current 2,965 square feet. Now, the property—which is one of only two Wright homes in Kansas City—is on the market.

The three-bedroom, three-bath Sondern-Adler house uses a combination of cypress and brick for the exterior and boasts interior in-floor heating. The Usonian home was originally designed as an L-shaped building with two wings connected by three squares that included a workspace, laundry and heater room, and bathroom.

The 1948 addition added another bedroom, living spaces, and a carport, but maintained the home’s large windows and doors that open out onto three vast stone terrace. Other architectural attributes are classic Usonian, including the home’s flat roof, cantilevered overhang, and clerestory windows.

If you want to own a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, 3600 Belleview Avenue is on the market now for $1,650,000.