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High-tech camper features adjustable smart glass window

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The window tint changes with the push of a button

This concept camper by Knaus features a picture window with adjustable tint.
All photos courtesy of Knaus

The world of concept campers can seem downright magical: In 2017 we saw a solar-powered RV, a spinning camper that transformed into a spacious tiny home, and a Volkswagen camper with a panoramic roof.

While all the bells and whistles from concept designs don’t always make it into production, concept campers are an important indication of where the industry could be heading. For RVs, that means using technology to help people explore the outdoors, even with many of the comforts of home.

One of the leading European camper manufacturers, Knaus Tabbert, has regularly pushed the RV boundaries with innovative trailers and sleek camper vans. Now, Knaus is using their Travelino camper and adding a huge tint-adjustable picture window in the main sleeping area.

Called the Travelino Skyview, this concept trailer was on display at the CMT show in Stuttgart. The front window uses electrochromic glass that—with a push of a button—allows more or less light in. Set it to the darkest setting when you want privacy or a room-darkening affect for sleeping, or turn it transparent for some epic stargazing.

The SPD-SmartGlass technology is made by Research Frontiers, and works by aligning tiny particles in a thin film within the glass. Beyond the aesthetics, the glass also works as an effective thermal barrier. If you want a cooler interior, campers can darken the windows instead of using those pesky sun shades. The glass also blocks RV and infrared rays regardless of whether its in a clear or tinted state.

Right now the smart glass is only available in the concept model, but Knaus believes it has applications for a few campers and trailers in its line. Whenever the high-tech feature becomes available, it looks good on the four-person Travelino camper (approx. US$22,800), known for its compact design. Take a look, below.

Via New Atlas