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North Face introduces a groovy geodesic dome tent

But only in Japan

North Face geodesic dome tent North Face

North Face has entered the dome zone. The outdoor gear company has created a geodesic dome tent, re-envisioning a back-to-the-land architectural staple as an ultra-sturdy pop-up dwelling capable of withstanding surprisingly strong winds.

The Geodome 4 is easy to pack and carry, weighing just 25 pounds. It has four main tent poles and one equator—so assembly is relatively easy. But the real benefit is the room. As any Buckminster Fuller fan can tell you, domes are architecturally efficient when it comes to space-making. The interior of the Geodome 4 measures more than seven by seven feet, with a roof high enough for adults to comfortably stand. There’s also a set of interior hangers for storing gear.

The dome structure also makes the tent strong enough to withstand a variety of bad weather—from high winds of up to 58 mph to pelting rain. Of course, its dual-layer water-resistant fabric helps too.

Before you hop out to your nearest North Face to pick one up, know that the Geodome 4 is only being released in Japan—at a price of $1,635.

Via: Inhabitat, Hi Consumption