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Is this the most Instagrammable small apartment ever?

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This Lim + Lu-designed Hong Kong bachelor pad is totally on trend

on-trend Hong Kong bachelor pad Photos by Nirut Benjabanpot via Lim + Lu and Designboom

When a Parisian fashion designer approached Hong Kong-based studio Lim + Lu to create a bachelor pad reflecting his personality, the duo did not disappoint. Blush pink walls. Brass mirrored surfaces. Pastel-colored furniture. It’s all delightfully on-trend.

The 500-square-foot Twin Peaks Residence does indeed retain an air of Lynchian off-kilter quirkiness—beyond that tensely placed pair of scissors. The colors contrast yet also seem to perfectly harmonize. The mirrored cabinetry and dining table evoke a rosy fun-house.

The one-bedroom apartment is arranged to suit the client’s entertaining lifestyle, with the main space taken up by the living room and dining room which extends to the small balcony beyond. The blue-painted bedroom has just enough space to also hold a vanity table

“From walls to furniture to small accessories, the palette of the apartment is a juxtaposition of colours and textures,” write the designers. “Experimental colour combinations brighten the small flat and create a more expansive visual illusion. Red, yellow, blue and green hues collide in harmony and vitalize the space.”

Via: Designboom