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Ikea’s pegboard system finally comes to the US

Organization-loving neatfreaks will love it

Ikea’s pegboard series launches in U.S. Ikea

After launching last year in Europe and elsewhere around the globe, Ikea’s sweet pegboard system—Skådis—is finally launching in the U.S. And this is not your average garage pegboard.

Skådis panels are made of white or tan fiber board and have pill-shaped holes rather than common circular holes. The boards cost between $8 and $16. But the best part of the system is that Ikea is offering oodles of accessories to turn Skådis into just about any kind of custom storage solution your heart desires.

Need to organize the spices on the back of the pantry door? Need a closet spot to keep jewelry and random hair accessories? Want to organize you elaborate collection of 19th century iron hammers? Skådis has an answer for all of that.

As Apartment Therapy notes, a sweet black-and-gold-painted version from Evgeniya of Foxy & Brass demonstrates the potential style and flexibility of the system. Ikea even suggested putting a Skådis inside of an Ivar cabinet to make a hidden DIY station.

Grillo Designs via Apartment Therapy

The panels can also be connected front to back to make a room divider or attached to Algot closet storage racks.

Via: Apartment Therapy