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Floating food truck serving burgers comes to Dubai

It’s really a food boat, but “food boat” has yet to acquire the cultural cachet of its land-bound predecessor

Aqua Pod, floating food truck Aquatic Architects Design Studio

Here’s a new addition to your collection of unnecessarily floating architecture: the Aqua Pod, a sustainable floating food truck poised serve starving boaters and jet skiers in The Dubai Palm Lagoon, Al Sufouh, and Kite Beach. Customers in large boats nearby can order by raising flags and receive their food from a delivery jet ski. Those in smaller boats or on jet skis themselves can just stop by the Aqua Pod directly.

The Aqua Pod was designed by Ahmed Youssef, founder of Dubai’s Aquatic Architects Design Studio (AADS). Over the last year, Youssef shepherded the concept through ideation, planning, and construction. The Aqua Pod was slated to launch in early February with a menu of burgers and other fast snacks.

Aquatic Architects Design Studio

The floating kitchen boat has an almost pyramid-like shape that narrows from base to roof. Clad in wood panels with signage and menus on the exterior, the inside is bright white with windows on three sides of the kitchen. The Aqua Pod can be entirely electrically powered and also has a built-in system to skim the nearby waters for trash:

“So even if someone makes an order from us and then throws that trash into the sea — which is out of our control — the Aqua Pod can take in all that waste into one of its tanks, which is then discharged afterwards,” Youssef told Gulf News.

Aquatic Architects Design Studio

Via: Treehugger, Forbes, Gulf News