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Utterly charming lake house was built to party

No rooms for sleeping, only hanging

cute lakehouse ready for parties Photos by Cristiano Bauce via ArchDaily

Commissioned by a 26-year-old DJ who wanted a place to listen to music with friends, this lovely modern lake house in Imigrante, Brazil, has a few custom quirks. Designed by Cadi Arquitetura, the 1,000-square-foot cabin has no bedrooms. The majority of its space is taken up by an open kitchen, dining, and living room with a gorgeous wood-paneled ceiling.

The floor, fireplace, and built-in seating are made of polished concrete. Large steel-framed windows offer views of the lake beyond. A bathroom off the main space takes up the remainder of the interior.

Outside, the building’s main door gives off onto a deck. The entire structure is also surrounded by an expansive purple stone terrace—which looks like a great place for a dance party. There’s also a fire pit for huddling on chilly nights.

The building’s exterior is clad in local yellow stone and warm natural wood.

“In the external area, we interfere as little as possible, because the objective was to maintain the more natural and organic air that the property has,” wrote the architects.

Via: ArchDaily