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Buy the villa from ‘Call Me by Your Name’ for $2.1M

Located in the commune of Moscazzano, in Lombardy, Italy

Interior room with walls of book shelves and alcove for a sofa.
Imagine if this were your real-life study.
Photos via House & Loft

The envy-inducing villa of Oscar-nominated film Call Me By Your Name has come on the market in Moscazzano with a listing price that seems (kind of) reasonable, especially for a home in the Italian countryside—now with Hollywood pedigree.

The story of how director Luca Guadagnino came across the house has become something of a legend, too. Talking to Architectural Digest, he said that he had known about the home for many years, and even dreamed about purchasing it one day, but it was out of his price range. Plus, he already had a 17th-century apartment of his own just outside Milan in Crema. Instead, he decided to make it the summer home of the fictional Perlman family.

Now, the artfully dilapidated 14-room villa can be yours for 1.7 million euro, or about $2.1 million. That gets you 1,400 square meters (about 15,000 square feet) of historical architecture, which the listing says dates back to the 1500s, including porticos, a frescoed ceiling and otherwise coffered and vaulted ceilings, carved doors, terrazzo floors, massive fireplaces (in front of which you could weep for the one that got away), and so much more.

The overgrown grounds total two hectares, or about five acres, and include two outbuildings. It’s just the place to live out your summer days in a daze of longing. But if you don’t have $2 million to spare, go watch the movie.

Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

Via: Buzzfeed