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This modular cat furniture is made from cardboard boxes

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A Cat Thing came about as a real-life solution for the designers’ newly adopted cats

Cardboard boxes arranged into various homes for cats, with cats inside and around them.
The Room Collection has an endless array of possible configurations.
Photos via Designboom

There’s no shortage of ingenious ideas for cat furniture, ranging from the modern to the sculptural to the whimsical, but this latest creation gets major props for not only being modular and sustainable, but also personal.

Designed by a Taipei-based couple, A Cat Thing came about as a real-life solution for their newly adopted cats Chacha and Lily when one of them refused to eat and drink for three days. It wasn’t until a cardboard box was presented to Lily and she went inside of it for an hour that she started eating.

The couple continued adding cardboard boxes to create a kind of makeshift compound for the cats, but the irregularity of the boxes made it difficult to stack neatly. So, being architects, the couple decided to design their own boxes, and A Cat Thing was born.

The Room Collection consists of four different cardboard modules—a room, living room, balcony, and ramp—that can be assembled into an endless array of configurations by way of patented cardboard connections inspired by the principles of origami. That means the entire module is made from paper-based materials, making it safe for the cats—and the environment.

Circular cutouts in the rooms and a triangular opening in the balcony allow the cats to move freely in and out of the boxes or simply poke their heads out. And if the felines need a change, reassembling the rooms into a new tower is a snap. What’s more, the simple design and neutral color palette ensure that A Cat Thing would look great in just about any space. Take a look. (It appears only to be available in Taiwan at the moment.)

Via Designboom