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European cities come to life in these architectural embroideries


Person holding up embroidery ring with scene of colorful homes behind it stitched onto the fabric.
How cute is that?
Photos via My Modern Met

If only vacations could last longer than a snapshot or an Instagram post, life post-vacation wouldn’t feel so dreary. Luckily for French-Swedish textile artist couple Charles Henry and Elin Petronella, they’ve got it figured out.

Working together as Le Kadre, the couple creates charming embroideries of cityscapes and other scenes all over Europe, rendering historical architecture in the tactile, raised lines of floss. The canals and close-together homes of Denmark come alive on a swatch of cotton, as does a Parisian street corner and the notched facade of a Haussmannian building.

Sometimes a simple “line” drawing stitched in black thread stands alone or is flanked by trees with feathery green tops or presided over by a swirly sky à la Van Gogh. Other times, each component of a scene is stitched in vibrant color. If these embroideries delight you, Henry and Petronella offer video classes on architectural embroidery for you to try your hand. See more at their respective Instagram accounts.

A post shared by CHARLES HENRY (@_charleshenry_) on

A post shared by CHARLES HENRY (@_charleshenry_) on

Via My Modern Met