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Gorgeous modern cabin offers airy perch above lake


gabled cabin overlooking lake Photos by Francis Pelletier via YH2

The innovative cottage experts at YH2 Architects have been at it again, this time crafting a gorgeous modern retreat overlooking the waters of Lac Plaisant in Quebec. The stark exterior architecture and comfortable interior give it a perfect balance of beauty and practicality.

The home has a traditional single-gable design and perfectly symmetrical layout. It has an “invisible” foundation flush with its walls, so it looks like it’s just resting on a carpet of grass.

Clad entirely in white cedar—roof and all—the home has an ethereal, almost chapel-like air. A set of floor-to-ceiling windows run along both sides. But the lake-facing south end is entirely glass, shielded by a deep roof overhang that extends down the sides of the building.

Inside, the 1,500-square-foot abode features an open-plan living room, dining area, and kitchen. The white-painted walls have an open-frame construction, leaving the joists exposed to create a strong geometric rhythm in the space. Behind the kitchen are two ground-floor bedrooms and a set of stairs up to a large sleeping loft above. In all, the home can sleep 12.

“A window on the lake: the very essence of the cottage,” wrote the architects. “A warm, simple wood dwelling open to nature and a peaceful lake.”

Via: Treehugger