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Self-inflating camping trailer sets up in just 90 seconds

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No poles needed


In the camper world, anything you can do to make the outdoors a bit easier can go a long way. For those that hate the hassle of tent poles and rain covers, look no further than the Air Opus: a trailer system that includes a pop-out tent that inflates in 90 seconds.

We’ve seen inflatable tents before, as a rooftop tent, a geodesic dome tent inspired by Buckminster Fuller, and even as a floating tent that lets you camp on water. But the British-designed Opus camper uses a small travel trailer and puts a tent on top of it, making transporting and set up a breeze.

The base Opus camper is lightweight enough to be towed by most small SUVs and its flat top has room for a roof rack to haul skis, bikes, or kayaks. The inside features a top that unfolds into eight-foot ceilings, plentiful skylights, and twenty feet of living space inside. The middle area includes a leather u-shaped dinette with a removable table; the couch also serves as additional sleeping space.

A galley kitchen boasts a stove, stainless steel sink, and refrigerator, portable toilet, and the Opus also offers electric heating and air conditioning to keep things comfortable. In all, the camper can sleep up to six, with two double beds on either end of the trailer that also use interior zip sections for privacy.

The Air Opus system can be added to any of Opus’s standard trailers. Opus replaced its hard tent frame with “Air Poles” that inflate thanks to an integrated electric pump powered by a 12-V battery. Instead of messing with those pesky tent poles, campers just flip a switch and watch the tent inflate in 90 seconds. From the moment you drive up to camp, the process takes just five minutes, and when you leave, a quick-release valve lets out the air and the camper folds down in about the same time.

The Opus Campers start at $18,999 and you can add the Air Opus inflatable option for $2,499. The company also offers other inflatable extension awnings to make the tent even larger. Head this way for more and to check out the US dealers.

The Air Opus camper in trailer mode.
Courtesy of Opus Campers
The interior of the Air Opus Camper features a cooking and eating area.
Courtesy of Opus Campers
Courtesy of Opus Campers
Courtesy of Opus Campers