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Prefab floating hotel offers private minimalist retreat

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floating hotel Atelier Lavit via Designboom

After designing the most livable treehouse we’ve ever seen, Paris-based firm Atelier Lavit moved to work on wetter terrain at the same site—a lake in southeastern France. Using the same visual style of natural wood slats, the architect created a series of ten hotel suites floating atop the water. The slatted screens not only mimic the form of surrounding reeds and water grasses, but also provide a sense of privacy for guests.

A wooden gangplank extends from the shore to each buoyant suite, connecting with its wrap-around deck. Some of the floating structures are square and some are round, but they all offer a private outdoor space for lounging. Several also have hot tubs.

floating hotel

Inside is a simple set of rooms—just a bathroom and a combined studio for sleeping and sitting. The interiors are also paneled in natural wood with large sets of sliding window doors and overhead skylights to bring in ample sunlight.

All of the floating suites were prefabricated, disassembled, transported to the hotel site, and then put back together again in just a three-month period. This prefab process kept costs low and had a reduced environmental impact on the site.

Via: Designboom