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New tiny house was created to combat LA’s housing shortage

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Plús Hús is a 320-square-foot ADU with Icelandic roots

Small box home with wood siding and sliding glass doors.
Plús Hús, Icelandic for “Plus House,” is a 16-by-20-foot multi-purpose ADU.
Photos by Plús Hús via Inhabitat

“What would you do with 320 square feet?” posits Plús Hús, an accessory dwelling unit designed by Santa Monica, California-based practice Minarc. A variation of that question has been floating around the tiny home movement for quite some time now, eliciting a range of responses from the enthusiastic to the perplexed.

But aside from the aesthetics and lifestyle that tiny living conjures, there’s real potential and flexibility in what functions a small dwelling can fulfill, especially in urban centers where the lack of affordable housing is becoming a crisis.

So there’s a lot one could do with 320 square feet. And that’s exactly how Plús Hús came to be. Icelandic natives Erla Dögg Ingjaldsdóttir and Tryggvi Thorsteinsson, now Los Angeles residents, created the 320-square-foot ADU to be a sustainable and useful solution for addressing the housing shortage in their adoptive home.

Icelandic for “Plus House,” if it weren’t obvious, Plús Hús is a 16-by-20-foot multi-purpose structure that can be added to just about any property with minimal wasted energy and environmental impact. Each prefab unit is locally manufactured and built using mnmMod panels, a new sustainable building material, and finished with a metal panel roof, Hardie board exterior siding, maple interior cladding, and a sliding glass door.

Plús Hús can be a place for living, work, or play, thanks to three configurations on offer: a plain open-plan box (priced at $37,000), a room with a bathroom ($42,000), or a room with a bathroom and kitchen ($49,000). Learn more here.

Via: Inhabitat