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Minimalist holiday apartment created in former vodka distillery

The refreshing abode was designed by Thisispaper Studio as an escape from everyday life

minimal holiday apartment in Warsaw Thisispaper via Dezeen

When Thisispaper launched in 2011, it was a graphic design studio and online magazine dedicated to architecture, photography, and design. Now, cofounders Zuzanna Gasior and Alexander Zaharov have brought their minimalist aesthetic off the page and into the physical world with a chic holiday apartment in Warsaw’s historical Praga neighborhood.

The rentable one-bedroom—called A-Place—is in a former 19th-century vodka distillery newly transformed into housing. The aesthetic is simultaneously stark and luxurious, with bright white walls and light-hued floors throughout. The bare-bones furnishings were created by design greats including Dieter Rams, the Bouroullec brothers, and Louis Poulsen.

“Regardless of their provenance, what the pieces always have in common is modesty and restriction, idée fixe of the design ethos that has guided Thisispaper from the start,” explained Gasior and Zaharov.

The bedroom’s tatami-like bed frame and headboard defines most of the room’s character and visual flair. Other furnishings include a simple bedside table, two wall-mounted lamps, and a sleek white built-in desk. The kitchen is the only space that deviates dramatically from the all-white color scheme, with dark-paneled cabinets, a stainless steel counter top, and metal backsplash.

“We designed A–Place from scratch, guided by our love for honest, natural materials, such as wood, steel, ceramics and linen,” writes the studio. ”Every surface, object and color has been hand-picked in line with our design philosophy that creates harmony through a focus on function and purity of form.”

Via: Dezeen