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Shipping container home with green roof overlooks the beach

Located on the Surf Coast in Wye River, Victoria, in southeastern Australia

Steel-clad shipping container home perched on stilts on hillside covered in trees and grass.
House 28 is formed by three shipping container perched on a hillside by way of stilts.
Photos by Studio Edwards

Shipping container homes come in all shapes and sizes—even if the building block is the same. And it’s owing to the versatility of the humble corrugated steel box that a seemingly endless stream of creations has emerged over the years.

One of the latest projects comes from Melbourne-based Studio Edwards, which has perched three connected shipping containers on a hillside on the Surf Coast in Wye River, Victoria.

Dubbed House 28, the weekend retreat in southeastern Australia was designed with sustainability in mind, incorporating three 20-foot shipping containers sourced from nearby Port Melbourne and set on steel silts anchored in concrete piles.

They are sheathed in galvanized steel sheeting, with two of them forming an open-plan living area with lounge and kitchen, plus a water closet and main entry on the other end. The third container is offset from the others and holds two bedrooms and a bathroom. The minimalist interiors are clad with marine plywood, with large windows allowing natural light to pour in.

House 28 also incorporates a green roof with native plants that provide added insulation during the colder months, as well as a rainwater filtration system that collects water for use in the home, which is not connected to a water main. Facing toward the landscape and water, the efficient holiday home even offers outdoor seating by way of a wooden deck.

Photo by Studio Edwards

Via: Dezeen