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Sleek tiny house features contemporary design details


Via New Atlas

While a healthy number of tiny homes feature wacky and whimsical designs, sometimes you just want a modern, livable tiny space—and Tiny Innovations is here to oblige. The Oregon-based tiny home builder has just unveiled its flagship model, the Catalina, which has a sleek look with a modern materials palette.

The home comes in three lengths—24, 28, or 32 feet—with exterior details including cedar accent siding and black metal framing. Inside, the home has ample windows, including a thoughtful windowed strip above the kitchen cabinets to bring in natural light. The walls and cabinets are white, while the ceiling, floors, stairs, and countertop are wood.

The home has two lofts, one for storage and one for sleeping. The living space beneath the larger loft can also be outfitted with a table and bench or even converted into a second bedroom.

The bathroom includes a full shower and bath tub, toilet, and double-faucet sink.

An optional solar setup allows the home to run off-the-grid. The Catalina starts at $65,000.

Via: New Atlas