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Dreamy modern courtyard house is a seaside haven

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Auhaus Architecture arranged the rooms around a central, protected green space

modern courtyard home All photos by Mike Baker via ArchDaily

Built in the coastal town of Barwon Heads in Southern Australia, this homey modern abode was designed to withstand the area’s seaside weather.

Created by Auhaus Architecture, the residence features a facade clad in bluestone slabs and slats made of hardwood—creating a nice contrast in lines as the horizontally-aligned stone meets the vertically-aligned wood. From the street, the home strikes as private with no windows.

But move beyond the wood-slatted gate, and you find a warm dwelling rich in design details. The entry leads into a small living room joined with the larger shared living space—kitchen, dining, and lounge—all arranged around the interior courtyard, walled with glass.

Deep roof overhangs help protect a small porch from the elements. Clerestory windows above the overhang bring in additional light. The interior is bright and airy with the exception of the kitchen.

The kitchen is a delicious matte black. Black cabinets, black countertop, black stools at the breakfast bar. The area’s contrast to the rest of the home is heightened by brass accents including faucets and lampshades.

The four-bedroom home has wide-plank oak flooring throughout and cleverly carves out semi-private spaces including a hallway desk area and reading nook with floor-to-ceiling shelves.

Via: ArchDaily