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Instagram-worthy apartment renovation is all about bespoke built-ins and color

The Barcelona apartment is located in a 13th-century building in Born, one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods

Interior shot of apartment looking toward kitchen with gray-blue cabinetry and a large arched volume in coral pink concealing a water closet.
Highly Instagrammable, in our opinion.
Photos by Roberto Ruiz via Dezeen

Vibrant color blocking, ingenious built-ins, and curved shapes characterize this Instagram-worthy one-bedroom apartment renovation in Born, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Barcelona, Spain.

Redesigned by local studio Colombo and Serboli Architecture (CaSA), the 65-square-meter (or 700-square-foot) flat, located in a 13th-century building, originally had a dark layout of three bedrooms. Still, its bones were strong, boasting high, beamed ceilings with shallow Catalan vaults, large windows with shutters, and solid walls.

The client, a young woman working in the fashion industry, wanted additional storage, an extra bathroom, and a brighter space. So CaSA’s architects, Matteo Colombo and Andrea Serboli, decided to knock down all the internal partitions except for one thick structural wall around the new bedroom, remove a false ceiling, and completely open the space.

But the architects also had to add storage, so in order to do that, they inserted a large floor-to-ceiling bespoke storage unit near the entrance of the home that forms one of the bedroom walls and creates a hallway toward the living area. Functioning as a closet in disguise, the built-in combination cabinet-wardrobe features lacquered panels painted a deep blue—two of which form a concealed second entrance to the bedroom—and trimmed in pale pink.

The living area is open-plan and includes a small kitchen plus a coral-colored arched volume that contains a powder room. Although it is noticeable, its shape helps it integrate itself into the rest of the space and also echoes the curve of the kitchen counter, backsplash, and the dining table.

And while these new additions are simple in their silhouettes, their color scheme allows them to standout against the whitewashed walls of the apartment in a whimsical way. Have a look.

Via: Dezeen