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Eye-popping maximalist tiny house has all the things

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We’ve never seen a tiny house like this one from Texas designer Galeana Younger

Maximalist tiny house Mark Menjivar via Apartment Therapy

Tiny houses tend to attract minimalists and simplifiers—the kind of folks who’d prefer living in a bare white box or sleek, no-frills cabin. But this Texan tiny house by Galeana Younger? It’s not for those people. The 190-square-foot abode is chock full of vibrant patterns, colors, and more decorative objects (gasp!) than any tiny house we’ve ever seen. And it’s a treat.

The living room area sports a cactus-patterned black and white wallpaper, pair of wall-mounted lamps, and a daybed with patterned pillows in a variety of textures. The ceiling is painted a light robin’s egg blue. A small wicker chair and bronze stool stand atop a triangle-adorned rug opposite the black-painted door.

Mark Menjivar via Apartment Therapy

In fact, all of the home’s trim is black, as are the kitchen countertops. It’s bold, it’s chic, it sets off the chaotic color of the backsplash. Open shelving display a range of fun dishes and bright bottles. A second bed is in the sleeping loft over the bathroom—accessed via a ladder.

“I love that there are no rules. Less isn’t always more,” Younger tells Lonny. “I love that every, single square inch must be accounted for (there are no rooms that take up space, but have no real purpose). And I love that, as a designer, I’m challenged to think about things a little differently than I normally would.”

Check out the full tour here.

Mark Menjivar via Apartment Therapy

Via: Lonny, Apartment Therapy