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Dieter Rams documentary teases 3 new trailers

Gary Hustwit released three trailers in anticipation of the feature-length documentary on the German industrial designer

Older white man with white hair and glasses sits at a simple desk in a white room with various objects on the desk and a recording device mounted on the wall.
The designer Dieter Rams.

Gary Hustwit’s much-anticipated documentary on German industrialist designer Dieter Rams is finally getting a release-date later this year, but until then, the filmmaker has released a series of teasers that are as enticing as they are abstract and simple.

Rams, which raised funds through a Kickstarter campaign, is an intimate look at the career of its namesake designer, who, at the age of 85, is oft-considered one the most influential designers alive.

Granted unprecedented access to the man himself, Hustwit examines Rams’s philosophy, process, and inspirations through in-depth conversations in the first feature-length documentary ever made about the designer’s life. The film also explores questions of consumerism, materialism, and sustainability and their significance on society today, issues that Rams takes to heart.

“What we need today is a fundamental rethinking,” Rams opines in one of the trailers. “Not just in design, but in general. Back to basics. Less. And better.”

Working as an architect and designer at Braun starting in 1955 and then as chief design officer in 1961 through 1995, Rams designed some of the worlds most iconic consumer products including coffee machines, juicers, calculators, radios, and alarm clocks that were notable for their simple yet elegant lines and functionality.

“Simplicity is the key to brilliance,” Rams states in another teaser. Hustwit seems to have taken this maxim to heart in making his film about the designer. Take a look.

Via: Dezeen