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Micro apartment for family of 3 doubles as ceramics gallery

Not too shabby

micro apartment in hong kong Sim-Plex

Necessity is the mother of invention. Hong Kong’s vastly limited real estate has made it a leader in innovative micro apartment design. The latest example is a wee 324-square-foot unit that’s decked out with transforming built-ins and makes space for a ceramic collection, piano, and a family of three.

The gallery-inspired design was ignited by the client’s love of sculpture. “He is keen on bringing friends to the apartment to show off his artwork,” explained the designers at Sim-Plex. “This inspired us in our design concept: a gallery within a tiny apartment.”

Custom cabinetry along the main wall includes plenty of storage as well as illuminated nooks for displaying ceramics. It also conceals a pop-up dining table. The cabinets terminate at the far end of the room at a raised platform that holds a bed, desk, and shelf concealed by a slatted screen. Beneath the platform is yet more storage.

The small nearby bedroom has additional cabinetry, a desk, and bed.

Via: Treehugger