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Skinny micro home spreads space-saving tricks over three stories

When you can’t build out, build up

skinny wooden house Photos by Christiane Wirth via Dezeen.

Ultra-thin, multi-story dwellings are having a bit of an architectural moment—from London’s Slim House to Helsinki’s three-story Tikku occupying a single parking lot. The latest addition to the trend is Slim Fit, a slat-covered timber home in Almere Poort, Netherlands, from Ana Rocha Architecture.

With a footprint measuring just 172 feet square, the structure still manages to house a kitchen and dining area on the first floor, a lounge on the second, and bedroom and bathroom on the top level—for a grand total of 538 square feet of livable space.

The entire interior is paneled in birch plywood, with clever sliding wooden screens to close off the stairwell in lieu of conventional doors.

On the first and second floors, bookshelves at the back of the stairway wall connect to become the stair’s treads with open risers. The home also features large windows to bring in ample natural light. The floors throughout are a light gray concrete.

“Slim Fit shows that spatial and identity living is also possible within a minimal footprint, and small living does not have to mean saying goodbye to everything you own,” wrote the architect.

The house was imagined as an abode for filling in small leftover spaces in city blocks, while catering to the growing number of working urbanites who want to live sustainably and comfortably.

Via: Dezeen