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Modern apartment renovation uses concrete and pink to subtle effect

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Olha Wood designed this apartment in Kiev, Ukraine

Modern apartment with concrete beams, oak floors, wood paneling, and minimalist furnishings.
Exposed concrete beams command a presence without intruding on the flow of the room.
Photos by Andrey Avdeenko via Yatzer

Here’s another apartment renovation that reveals concrete beams—and puts gorgeous interior decor front and center. Designed by local interior design firm Olha Wood, the studio flat is located on the 28th floor of a tower in Kiev, Ukraine, with floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room framing city views.

Here, the studio created an open-plan space that incorporates a lounge, kitchen, and dining area primed for entertaining and relaxation. Thick structural concrete beams act as de facto partitions that command a presence without intruding on the flow of the room. There’s even a raised indoor garden that adds greenery to an otherwise clean-lined home.

It’s the apartment’s decor scheme, however, that elevates the experience. Oak parquet flooring done in a herringbone pattern and cherry wood paneling and built-ins add warmth to the modern studio, with large cabinets and closets dividing the home into private and public zones. A bedroom alcove is formed by a bookshelf-partition and part of the lounge’s wing, while a bathroom clad in plywood follows in the back.

Here, a freestanding tub sits on a literal pedestal, where an open shower and toilet are tucked as well. A glass wardrobe and dressing room complete the private quarters, while a spacious entry hallway shows off a raw concrete wall, includes a guest bathroom, and incorporates cherry wood closets too. Shades of pink are sprinkled throughout the space, including on the sofa, kitchen shelving, bookshelves, and in the bathroom. Have a look.

Via: Yatzer