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10 cute home finds from Amazon’s new ‘$10 & Under’ section

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desk accessories from Umbra, available on Amazon. Amazon/Umbra

If you enjoy browsing rows of cheap nonsense to find a hidden gem, you’re in luck. After acquiring Whole Foods, launching two furniture lines, and opening a cashierless grocery store, Amazon is now reaching into the dollar store arena with a new $10 and Under section online.

Dollar stores usually rely on impulse buys, which can be harder to pull off in a digital landscape where items can reside in your shopping cart indefinitely. To offset this, Amazon is offering free shipping on anything purchased from the $10 and Under page. This is a clever move to draw in more customers, especially those who don’t already get free shipping through the paid Prime service.

Like a Dollar Tree and Dollar General, Amazon’s $10 and Under section stocks a hodgepodge of inexpensive products ranging from novelty tees and kitschy wall art to household staples and electronic accessories. While any discount store—online or IRL —is going to be very hit-or-miss in terms of taste and quality, we were pleasantly surprised at some of the cute stuff available on the Home Décor page.

Check out our favorites below, or head over to Amazon to browse the whole selection.

Cactus Throw Pillow Case, $6.99.
Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons, $5.91.
Amazon/Kate Aspen
Crystal Ball Prism, $5.66.
Red Pyramid Candle, $8.95.
Amazon/Skullduggery Emporium
White Sage Smudge Sticks, $8.49.
Amazon/NC Naturals
Ikea corcho Trivet, $6.79.
Abstract Blots Poster, $9.99.
Amazon/Poster Revolution
Tea Light Oil Warmer, $8.05.
Amazon/Furniture Creations
Soft Squeeze Soap Dispenser, $9.99.
Bunny Ring Holder, $8.