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Skinny house just 91 inches across asks $1.4M

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The home in Clapham, London, is narrower than a Tube car

Shot of very narrow home with white facade and windows with planters wedged between two wider buildings.
The charming Slim House was extended in 2013.
Photos by Savills via The Spaces

A very slender house—measuring just 7 feet 7 inches, or 91 inches wide—slots itself between two wider buildings in Clapham, London. Its exaggerated proportions are comical but for the fact they look so darn cute, like something out of a children’s storybook (or, in the case of the fictional Slender Man, a nightmare).

In 2013, local firm Alma-Nac renovated and extended the three-story home (an original “gap house”), adding an extra room to each floor and increasing the livable area by more than a third to 1,058 square feet. A sloping roof with skylights tops the residence.

The so-called Slim House is narrower than a Tube carriage, as London publications like to point out, but it still features generous living spaces, thanks to a smart and efficient design that takes advantage of the rear of the property. The main floor encompasses not one but two reception rooms, separated by a staircase. Then a kitchen, breakfast room, and access to a landscaped garden, which is 48 feet in length, follow.

Up one level, the master bedroom with dressing room and shower, and an additional bedroom are found, and above that are a further two bedrooms with family bathroom and a loft storage area. Curious how much? It’s offered at a cool £1 million, or about $1.4 million.

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Via: The Spaces