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Modern house hides glorious tropical garden

Architect David Guerra puts a lush courtyard in the middle of this rectilinear home in Brazil

Photos by Jomar Bragança via Dezeen

This modern abode in southeast Brazil is all about the courtyard. Hidden from view behind a series of rectangular volumes clad in cement and stone, the lush interior garden is filled with palm trees, birds of paradise, and other tropical plants. Talk about bringing the outside in.

Designed by David Guerra, an architect based in Belo Horizonte, the home was designed to have greenery-filled views from every room, whether looking into the courtyard or out toward to hilly landscape beyond the walls. From the outside, the 7,500-square-foot residence looks like a set of stacked blocks—some covered in cement and others clad in yellow, horizontally-stacked stone. Large windows and sliding glass doors proliferate along its edges.

The front door opens to reveal a large window showcasing the interior garden. An office is to the left, with the open-plan lounge, living room, dining room, and kitchen unfolding around the corner of the garden, to the right. The long wall of this room is made of sliding glass doors opening onto a terrace.

On the other side of the courtyard from the entry is a large second kitchen and living room sheltered by the overhang of the upper floor. The stairway up juts out into garden and leads to the four en suite bedrooms and two terraces above.

Via: Dezeen