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This is the swankiest gym we’ve ever seen

From the outside, you might think it’s an upscale restaurant or modern shrine

modern gym in China Photos by Shaon via World Architecture

We’ve seen some fancy gym concepts in our time, from WeWork’s new exercise enterprise to that futuristic French boat powered by stationary bikes. But this minimalist, stone-clad building in China’s Guangdong Province really takes the cake.

Designed by the Chinese firm DOMANI, the Sky Club House isn’t your typical gym, of course. It’s a luxury private club paneled in warm wood and overlooking jet black reflecting pools. Uniformly clad in gray concrete tiles, the building’s exterior gives off more of modernist temple vibe. A pair of large boxy window volumes protrude from the facade, faced in plates of glass on three sides.

Those enormous windows, as well as a glass ceiling above the exercisers, bring ample natural light into the interior—while also putting anyone working out on display to the world. The building feels more like a place to “see and be seen” than to sweat.

The marble-paneled entry space is also fairly stage-like, with an enormous statement stair built of stacked marble. A black metal light fixture made of connected horizontal and vertical tubes hangs down from the ceiling.

Via: World Architecture