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This rustic-modern beach cabin has it all

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It combines rough wood shingles and a cozy, efficient interior

rustic beach cabin Photos via Designboom

Perched atop a dune overlooking the Baltic Sea, this sweet modern holiday house has it all: large picture windows to take in the view, rustic-chic interior touches, and nooks galore. Designed by Poland-based studio Zup-a, the cabin’s lower exterior is covered in what appears to be adobe made with local beach sand. This technique tricks the eye, helping to dissolve the visual boundary between the beach and building. Above hip height, the structure is clad in traditional natural wood shingles, aged by the elements.

A wall of sliding windows faces the sea the and opens to further let the outside in. The space beyond is part living room, part terrace—with built-in benches paneled in wood that extend up the walls. A black floating fireplace adds a cozy element on chilly beach nights.

Moving deeper into the building reveals an open, angular room outfitted with a central cube containing the kitchen, bathroom, storage, workspace, and topped by a sleeping platform. The efficient interior combines rustic wood beams with white-washed upper paneling, black-painted lower paneling and frames, and simple floors made of tile and wood.

Via: Designboom