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Upside-down tiny house playground will be built this summer

File this under: weird and whimsical

Via Dezeen

Here’s a topsy-turvy playground concept for our topsy-turvy world: The Upside Down House is an adorable multi-colored micro dwelling turned upside down to entertain curious tots. Slated to be built this summer in Reading, England’s Green Park Village neighborhood, the structure puts a tiny house twist on traditional climbing gyms for kids.

The playful design features a a large slide, entry through windows, a drain-pipe fire pole, climbing wall, interior tunnel, and balcony. Every side of the house is painted a different color, from light blue to red. It’s the brainchild of Alma-nac, the London-based architecture studio that beat out other entries in the House of Colour playground design competition run by Architects’ Journal.

Known for slotting unconventional ideas and lovely homes into odd spaces, Alma-nac has a bit more room to play on this project. The tiny house will rest on a circular blue surface surrounded by sculptures of clouds.

“This simple concept gives rise to a whole new world,” the studio explained. “The floor becomes the sky, the roof becomes the floor, enter through the chimney and slide out of the front door. It maintains the joy of a good play/tree house—the ability to be ‘king of the castle’ and a hidden world where only children can go.”

Stay tuned for the completed project in a few months’ time.

Via: Dezeen