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Modern prefab home is all steel and wood

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An indoor-outdoor paradise

steel and wood prefab Photos by Cesar Béjar via Design Milk

For a weekend home focused on outdoor living, you don’t need a lot of interior space—at least, that was the thinking of the owners of this sweet holiday home in Morelos, Mexico. Designed by SOA Soler Orozco Arquitectos, these steel-framed platforms are largely open to the elements, enclosing just two bedrooms and their en suite baths.

Because there wouldn’t be a lot of time for on-site construction, the home was prefabricated in a workshop where everything from the roof to the lighting, walls, and partial plumbing were installed. Then it was transported by truck to the site, assembled, and outfitted with finishing details like the stone terrace floor.

The result is a perfectly modern space defined by the grey of its steel and the warmth of its natural wood cladding. The outdoor living and dining room is particularly lovely and outfitted with ceiling fans to help circulate the air.

The bedrooms were kept simple, paneled in what looks like grey cement board.

Via: Design Milk