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Minimal guest house looks like it’s floating in the trees


“floating” tree house

Known for its sleek and sunny homes, Dallas design firm Wernerfield went dark for this guest house—a black-clad rectangular beauty suspended in the trees. Raised 12 feet off the ground on large metal columns, the modern home replaced a split-level on the same site. Lifting the living space was meant to give the impression that visitors were “floating in the forest.” Besides, the underside creates a handy car port.

The big floating rectangle is covered in charred cypress using the ever-popular Shou sugi ban method to protect the wood from decay and add an edgy look.

A breezeway cuts the 1,536-square-foot structure into two rooms—an office and the guest room—connected by a porch that extends into a bridge connecting with the main residence. Both rooms have large sliding glass doors and modern furnishings.

Via: Dezeen