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Ikea teases a line of party-ready portable speakers and LED lights

But you gotta wait until 2019

Teenage Engineering on stage with Ikea
Teenage Engineering

There’s nothing Ikea won’t do. Pet furniture? Check. Virtual Reality? Check. A line of party-ready portable speakers and lights? Apparently so. The world’s largest furniture retailer teased a new line of brightly colored party tech on Instagram this week, explaining: “the aim is to create products so that you can host your party, wherever you may be.”

The set of speakers and lights comes from a collaboration with the Swedish music tech company Teenage Engineering. Named Frekvens—Swedish for “frequency”—the collection includes upwards of 20 products that could range from an electronic choir to vinyl record player, speakers, and party lighting.

“In Frekvens we want to make products that everybody can grasp and handle,” says Kouthoofd. “Even those who are not so tech-savvy should swiftly be able to understand and use the products.”

While the company is already seeding photos and showing off prototypes, the full collection isn’t slated to launch until February 2019.

Via: Co.Design, The Verge