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Hexagonal chalet built on North America’s highest mountain

Built on a glacier of Alaska’s Denali mountain, this extreme retreat is accessible only by plane

Sheldon Chalet

The site may be extreme, but the Sheldon Chalet offers a sweet haven in an icy landscape. At 6,000 feet in elevation, the mountain guest house is secured to a nunatak—an exposed rocky outcropping—surrounded by a glacier, and about 10 miles from the summit of Denali. You can only get there by plane.

Family operated, the adventure retreat has a unique hexagonal design dreamed up in the 1960s by the owners’ parents, but built in 2017 with more modern amenities—including an adjacent observation deck that doubles as a helipad.

The first floor of the home features an open plan living room, dining area, and kitchen with large windows on five sides and doors leading out to a deck. The surrounding views are gorgeous, all mountains and sky and ice. Upstairs are five bedrooms with a capacity to sleep ten adults.

Aurora Borealis sightings are likely but not guaranteed. Intrigued? Bookings are directly through the Sheldon family.

Via: Inhabitat