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Modern city apartment dazzles with colors and curves

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On-trend but totally fresh

View of living room with full-height glazing framing city views with lounge and curving shelving unit dividing space.
On-trend but totally fresh.
Photos by Sui Sicong via Design Milk

Stuttgart, Germany-based design studio Ippolito Fleitz Group has designed a show apartment in Shanghai’s CEG Schwarzwald residential development that incorporates vibrant colors, fluid shapes, and an intriguing use of space that feels on-trend and yet totally fresh.

Dubbed Chromatic Spaces, the project reimagines a 250-square-meter (2,691 square feet) loft-like home perched high above the city with floor-to-ceiling windows in the open-plan living room framing stunning views of the city—and the surrounding 20,000 trees—as far as the eyes can see.

Here, the space is divided into zones by way of built-ins and clever use of textures like boldly colored, geometric rugs. A futuristic white kitchen, which is itself encased in glazing to keep cooking smells inside while still creating the experience of an open space, anchors the home’s main common area.

In front of that is a large lounge area, then a built-in curving shelving unit painted green and trimmed in pink creating a smaller, more intimate sitting area, then another oversized console, followed by a dining area characterized by a large conical red lamp. Vertical slats inspired by Chinese folding screens separate the dining area from the kitchen.

Other surprising elements include a ceiling recess painted yellow, a ribbed deep blue wall in the lounge, and dark hardwood floors made up of irregularly shaped boards. These colors, textures, and curving elements animate the private bedrooms and bathrooms as well, where shiny green and yellow wallpaper and metallic purple mosaic tiles reflect views of the cityscape let in by full-height glazing—and private balconies. Experience the colors below.

Via: Design Milk