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New Instant Pot Max comes with even more features, touch-screen display

Debuting this spring, the next-generation model also boasts higher pressure

Instant Pot Ultra.
Instant Pot Ultra.
Photo by Blair Gable courtesy Instant Pot

Is it time to clear more counter space? The viral kitchen gadget Instapot—which won over home chefs everywhere with its seven-in-one pressure-cooking magic—is getting an upgrade. The new Instant Pot Max is slated to hit stores in May or June with a host of additional cooking features.

Canning? Check. Slow venting? Check. Touch-screen display? Check. A new automatic stirring feature should also make it easier to whip up some risotto or bone broth. A sous vide function is also on the way, CNET reports.

This next-generation model will probably initially only be available in a 6-quart size, but will have a pressure PSI of 15 pounds per square inch, an improvement over the original’s comparatively measly 11.6 PSI.

Created by Canadian engineer Robert Wang, the original Instant Pot quietly debuted in 2013 but quickly picked up steam through word-of-mouth recommendations. The device has officially reached cult status with devotees calling themselves “Potheads.”

Via: Bon Appetit, The Kitchn, New York Times