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Tiny house sports midcentury-inspired butterfly roof

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The airy micro dwelling has a distinct retro flair

This tiny house sports a midcentury-inspired butterfly roof. Tiny House Company

Another day, another lovely tiny house. This model, from Australia’s Tiny House Company does, however, have a couple of features that set it apart. The most apparent is its unconventional butterfly roof—a staple of post-war American architecture—with the two sides of the roof sloping up and out from a lower central point. This midcentury roofline also inspired the home’s name: the Swallowtail.

The exterior is clad in corrugated metal sheets and textured plywood. The facade is further embellished with sections of vertical wooden slats, further reinforcing the midcentury vibe. Measuring 23 feet long and 8 feet wide, the home has a bright white-painted interior and light wood details including the floor, and butcher-block countertops.

A lounge space to the right of the door can also double as a bedroom (the model is currently outfitted with an expanding daybed) and the loft above could probably hold a twin mattress. The loft is accessed by a retractable ladder—the sort of thing you’d use to get into an attic—which stows away nicely, but also eats up a significant chunk of the loft itself.

The kitchen has a four-burner stove, small oven, sink, and clever mirrored backsplash. A section of wall the kitchen has been outfitted with a desk and shelving. The bathroom features a full-sized shower.

The model’s price tag starts at around $62,500.

Via: New Atlas