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Pi-shaped bike launches just in time for Pi Day

Happy Pi Day!

A fixed-gear bike with a frame shaped like the pi-symbol against a brick wall.
It’s a picycle—get it?
Photos © Paulius Gvildys via Design Milk

Launching just in time for Pi Day is this bike shaped in the pi (π) symbol, or the Greek letter representing the “p” sound. Originally conceived by Malaysian illustrator, artist, and graphic designer Tang Yau Hoong, the Pi Bike was brought to life by London-based artist Tadas Maksimovas and Dutch designer Martijn Koomen, who ultimately crafted the whimsical vehicle from carbon fiber.

Collaborating with international “ideas” company We are Pi, the duo perfected the prototype over several iterations, first creating a paper model then adapting it to the proportions of an industry-standard bicycle. Scale models made from cardboard and plywood were tweaked, adjusted, and tested, before molds were cast from resin, sanded down, and assembled for the first full version.

As for the hardware, an 8bar Super crankset, Nitto track racing bars, and Hydra fixed-gear wheels were used to complete the picycle. The seat is built into the flick of the top bar of the pi-shaped frame. For the final, functioning version of the bike, new molds were crafted from stronger enforced carbon and reassembled.

Although the designers note that making the Pi Bike wasn’t easy as, well, pi, the final product certainly sparks the imagination. March 14 also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday. Happy Pi Day, everyone!

A white-haired man in a suit rides the bicycle in an industrial space.
Here’s “Einstein” taking the Pi Bike for a spin.

Via: Design Milk