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Buy your own cruise ship for $55M

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Animal towels not included

A 1985 cruise ship docked in Marseille, France, is currently for sale.
All photos courtesy of QPS Marine Ships

If gallivanting around the world on a boat appeals to you, why not consider a really, really big boat? Bypass all those measly $10 million yachts and head straight to this 728-foot cruise ship, currently asking $55 million on QPS Marine Ships.

Docked in Marseille, France, the Holiday cruise ship was built in 1985 by Aalborg Værft in Ålborg, Denmark. It then entered service for Carnival Cruise Lines in the Western Caribbean until 2009. The boat can carry 1,452 of your closest friends—i.e. passengers—and a crew of 660 people over a total of nine decks.

The aesthetic is exactly what you might expect from a cruise ship originally built in the 1980s: lots of color, patterned carpet, shiny mirrors, and faux-wood paneling. The ship has seen a few renovations over the years, and you can have plenty of fun hosting 725 people in the Americana Lounge theater or pumpin’ the jams in your own personal 400-person dance club. The ship also boasts multiple lounges, a piano bar, library, several restaurants, a spa, pool, and two dining rooms that can seat hundreds of guests at a time.

Fifty-five million dollars also earns you a piece of cruising history. In 2005 the ship was taken out of service and used as temporary housing for about 8,000 victims of Hurricane Katrina. After six months in service to FEMA, the ship left Mississippi for renovations before resuming its normal route. Then, in 2014, the cruise ship was used as a four-star floating hotel in Port Sochi Imeretinskiy during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Interested? Check out all the photos, below.