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Faceted “shiny shed” completes glasshouse in the woods of Minnesota

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Faceted “shiny shed” reflects and obscures its surroundings

Low-slung glasshouse with flat roof set on woodsy site, with small shed with folded reflective panels in front of it.
The “shiny shed” simultaneously obscures and reflects its surroundings.
Photos by Paul Crosby via Dezeen

In Woodland, Minnesota, a new residence combines glass-house architecture with a reflective shed that adds depth to the otherwise minimalist home. Designed by Minneapolis-based practice Altus Architecture and Design, the project sits on a woodsy plateau and is primed to bring in views of a wetland and lake beyond, thanks to its floor-to-ceiling windows and its low-slung profile.

The single-level retreat also integrates itself into its surroundings by way of three dark-stained-cedar-clad wings that are connected by glazed entry links. A bluestone base furthers the connections to the outdoors, while the interiors’ strong wooden beams, walnut flooring and cabinetry, and a blackened-steel-and-bluestone fireplace continue that connection.

As for the mysterious, faceted outbuilding right outside the main house, it features an accordion-style facade clad in mirrored stainless steels that simultaneously obscures its surroundings while also dissolving into the landscape. The freestanding box provides additional storage on the property, and can be seen from the house, offering a different perspective of the grounds. Have a look.

Via: Dezeen