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In Copenhagen harbor, a tiny wooden ‘island’ becomes floating public space

It’s already being used by kayakers, swimmers, sunbathers, and more

tiny artificial island in Copenhagen harbor

Copenhagen harbor’s newest addition isn’t some fancy houseboat or floating food truck—it’s a tiny man-made island. Created by duo Marshall Blecher and Magnus Maarbjerg of the Danish design studio Fokstrot, the five-sided wooden platform measures just 215 square feet, apparently enough room for a living linden tree and a few stranded friends. It’s also a possible peek at the future of Copenhagen’s public space.

CPH-Ø1, as the island is called, is just the first hand-built prototype for an entire connected ecosystem of public floating platforms as part of the Copenhagen Islands project. Blecher and Maarbjerg hope to create a new kind of public park in Copenhagen—a “Parkipelago” made of many such islands of varying size installed throughout the city’s inner harbor. They envision an island with a sauna, a performance venue, one with a garden, another with a mussel farm and sail-in cafe.

“It was developed to ​introduce life and activity to Copenhagen’s rapidly developing harbour and to ​bring back some of the whimsy that has been lost in ​its development,” Blecher told Dezeen.

“The prototype island has been used as a resting place for kayakers and swimmers, for sunbathing, fishing and for small events...later this month it will host a lecture series about the future of harbor cities.”

Photo by Christian Emdal via Dezeen

Via: Dezeen