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Tiny camping pods could be coming to a glamping resort near you

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They’re like quonset-inspired log cabins

A camping pod designed by Lithuania-based Eurodita.
All images courtesy of Eurodita

Camping season is almost upon us, and whether you choose a giant RV or a tiny travel trailer, having a bit of creature comforts can make your outdoor experience much more pleasant. In fact, more and more people are turning to glamping, a luxury camping experience that includes all the s’mores and fun of traditional camping but replaces the itchy sleeping bag with a comfortable bed and shelter.

We’ve highlighted top glamping resorts before, but now we want to focus on a Lithuania-based company that’s building resort-ready camping pods. Founded in 1994, Eurodita is a BSB manufacturing company that supplies a growing list of log cabins and backyard sheds to businesses in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. While many of their structures are cool, we’re especially charmed by Eurodita’s camping pods.

Made using high-quality Nordic spruce, the self-contained buildings are waterproof and weather-resistant. They come in different sizes ranging from a compact 80 square feet to longer pods that are around 185 square feet. Essentially a quonset-inspired log cabin, the camping pods use thick wood and insulation to create tiny homes that are perfect for camping. All models come with double-glazed windows, a double door, and premium roof shingles.

Opt for a larger design and you can get a side wall entrance door and enough space for a double bed, seating area, kitchen, and washroom. The smallest camping pods can hold a double bed—or double bunk bed—and a small sitting area that features a table with two stools and a foldable bench. The interiors are simple and wood-centric, but the pods offer more amenities than some glamping tents since they are permanent structures.

Eurodita can deliver the pods fully assembled or in flat packs, and pods can be customized, built with electrical components, and painted. Because Eurodita supplies their pods direct to businesses, pricing depends on which model you choose, how many units you buy, and which options are included. But given the boom in tiny home hotels and glamping resorts here in the United States, you may soon see these pods at a campsite near you.

The smallest units feature two small glass doors at the front.
Courtesy of Eurodita
Larger models use side doors to enter the structure.
Courtesy of Eurodita
An interior photo shows a rear bedroom area and a central living room with seating and a table.
Courtesy of Eurodita