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Dreamy new Ikea collection wants to help you unplug

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With yoga accessories, scented candles, and a multifunctional bed

Ikea Hjärtelig collection Ikea

Ikea thinks we could all use a little more rest and relaxation, and the company’s new Hjärtelig collection is here to help. The furniture and accessories line looks like it came by way of a yoga studio in Silver Lake. There are plenty of textured, natural materials like linen, cork, and rattan going into everything from a gossamer bed canopy to a strappy yoga bag, bent wood coat hangers, and more.

Designed by Andreas Fredriksson and Maja Ganszyniec, the collection was inspired by a few unsurprising research points from Ikea’s annual Life at Home report, mainly that people have trouble disconnecting from work when at home, experience FOMO, and are distracted by their phones. How, say, the gossamer bed canopy directly helps with those issues is unclear, but the effort is appreciated.

The Hjärtelig platform—which looks like a fancy shipping pallets with legs—is a nice foray into modular furniture. A pair of ‘em together makes a couch. Four makes a bed. Hang the collection’s woven rattan headboard at the top of that bed and you can feel like you’ve entered grownup furniture territory.

There’s also a bench that’s supposed to double as a clothes rack, a cool jewelry holder set, and scented candles. The collection hits U.S. stores in April.