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World’s fanciest cat cage looks like a work of art

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Those are some lucky kittens

cat enclosure Hey!Cheese Photography via Contemporist

If your two great loves are good design and cats, then you must be celebrating our golden age of fancy objets for felines. The latest is a surprisingly sculptural cat enclosure that fits right in with a sleek modern apartment.

Designed by the Chinese interior design firm INDOT—for clients with a quartet of adorable cats—the impressive feline space is a large floating box made with blonde wood slats and fronted with glass.

Inside, a series of platforms and boxes offer a range of climbing and lounging options, complete with a few cat-sized holes. A sisal-covered scratching pole adds a dash of texture and practicality.

Hey!Cheese Photography via Contemporist

On the side facing the windows, a cat-sized, cantilevered glass box provides a perfect perch for observing the human space beyond, as well as looking out the window.

Hey!Cheese Photography via Contemporist

For the clients, this luxe enclosure is a gift to their feline compadres, providing a cat-only retreat from the owners’ puppy.

Hey!Cheese Photography via Contemporist

Via: Contemporist