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Millennial-friendly tiny houses come preloaded with amenities [Updated]

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Fireplace! Stainless steel!

rendering of a tiny home
A rendering of a tiny home promoted by Everywhere Co. looks just like Timbercraft’s Denali model on the exterior.
Everywhere Co.

Updated: According to Timbercraft Tiny Homes, it no longer has any associations with Everywhere Co. Curbed has reached out to Everywhere Co. for comment on the status of its tiny home line and will update this story when we learn more.

Tiny homes usually come with tradeoffs, with the luxuries of full-sized living often jettisoned for the sake of saving space. But a new collaboration between small home manufacturer Timbercraft Tiny Homes and the lifestyle brand Everywhere Co. is looking to reel in wanderlusting millennials with a new line of miniature craftsmen houses that don’t skimp on aesthetic amenities.

The line of six tiny homes is customizable, from the facade to the interior finishes. Each comes outfitted with indulgences like fireplaces, solar-powered stainless steel appliances, and rather hygge vaulted wood ceilings. It’s pretty much everything you’d find in a comfortable suburban home, only, you know, smaller. And on wheels.

The tiny homes, some of which will be available to rent on Airbnb if you’re not quite ready to commit, start at $55,000 for a 230 square feet model and go up to $95,000 for the 476 square feet edition. Not exactly a mansion, but then again, it’s hard to live that digital nomad lifestyle when you’re tied to a foundation.

Via: Inhabitat