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Church-to-home conversion combines wow factor and comfort

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Located in Muiden just 15 minutes outside Amsterdam

Brick church with high-pitched roof in small town setting.
The 1920s church is located in Muiden, a Dutch city just 15 minutes from Amsterdam.
Photos via Sotheby’s International Realty - Netherlands

A marvelous conversion that marries the wow factor of a place of worship with the comfort of home is on the market in Muiden, a Dutch city just 15 minutes from Amsterdam.

The massive brick church dates back to the 1920s and incorporates soaring, vaulted wooden ceilings, which remain intact, along with other original details like stained glass windows, and a corridor lined with antique reinforced doors.

But elsewhere, the five-bedroom-four-bath residence is modern, with white plaster walls, dark limestone floors, clean lines, and plenty of natural light.

The main floor comprises the narrow bedrooms, two of which are ensuite, while the living area is placed on the split-level upper floor, where a sleek concrete-counterkitchen and dining area make up most of the space, a lounge is placed on a platform and opens onto a roof terrace, and a tiny office mezzanine sits on top of a curved volume that holds a water closet.

Measuring 290 square meters, or about 3,121 square feet, the home is offered for sale—but if you’re interested, you’ll have to ask for the price.

Via: Sotheby’s International Realty - Netherlands (h/t The Spaces)