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New Ikea collab goes for industrial, DIY look

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It’s the second collection with Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek

Dining room scene of wooden chairs and a table made from thick lumber planks and exposed joints.
Industriell goes for a hard-edged, mismatched look.
Photos via Dezeen

In Ikea’s second collaboration with Piet Hein Eek, the Dutch furniture designer went for a hard-edged look, in contrast to the organic lines and natural materials of the Southeast Asian-inspired Jassa collection.

Called Industriell, the limited-edition collection includes chairs, tables, and benches that sport a DIY, straight-from-the-woodshop sensibility characterized by rough-hewn pine with exposed joints. As such, each item is supposed to appear slightly different in an effort to “redefine mass-produced products by turning uniformity on its head,” Hein Eek told Dezeen.

The wooden furniture pieces feature distinctive knots and grains and are stained in colors like white, black, blue, mint, yellow, natural, and gray that highlight rather than conceal the imperfections.

Also part of Industriell are glassware manufactured by two different machines, ceramic vases made from handcrafted molds, and textiles patterned in stripes and checkerboard hand-drawn by the designer to give the collection an overall “mismatched” and personal feel. Take a look.

Via: Dezeen