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Homesense stores to expand with 400 locations planned

The first Homesense store opened just last fall

Homesense store Homesense

When HomeGoods parent company TJX announced it’d be opening a sister store with even more furniture, lighting, and decor, we were intrigued. The first U.S. Homesense debuted just last fall, but its creators are already feeling bullish about its success: TJX hopes to open 400 more Homesense stores across the country.

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Compared to HomeGoods, Homesense offers a larger selection of furniture, lighting, and art, plus a focus on a showroom feel and enough inventory so you aren’t desperately scrounging to find that matching throw pillow. Images from an Apartment Therapy tour of the Framingham, Massachusetts, location shows a warehouse space jam-packed with lamps, sofas, throw pillows, rugs, bedding, kitchen items, party supplies, and knickknacks.

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On a recent earnings call, TJX CEO Ernie Hermann said the response to the first four U.S. stores had been “terrific” and announced plans to open 400 more. “We see an enormous opportunity for growth,” Hermann said. “We believe we are still underpenetrated in home, and we see lots of white space we can move into.”

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Via: Apartment Therapy