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Paris Metro tiles get the chocolate treatment

A special treat for fans of public transportation and sweets alike

Chocolate bar shaped like a mosaic of circular tiles against a backdrop of blue circular tiles.
The Auber edition was inspired by the circular tile mosaic of the Auber RER station.
Photos by Noir Vif via Design Milk

Here’s a special treat for fans of public transportation and sweets alike. In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Paris Regional Express Network (RER) linking west and east Paris, local design studio Noir Vif created special chocolate bars inspired by the enameled tile that clads the walls of the line’s stations.

There are three editions of chocolate, each corresponding to the Auber, Gare de Lyon, or Nation station along RER Line A. The Auber chocolate is shaped in a swath of circular mosaic tiles, while the Gare de Lyon edition is formed by a pattern of hexagonal tiles. For the Nation station, the chocolate forms a simple square pattern.

Each chocolate bar even comes with a genuine enameled tile by Briare, the French mosaic manufacturer that creates tiles for the Paris Metro, and a short history lesson. Here’s a rare occasion where you can have your chocolate—and eat it, too. The project came about on the request of RATP, the public transport operator, which also runs part of the RER.

Auber station.
Nation station.
Gare de Lyon station.

Via: Design Milk